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I had a fun time photographing these sweet children ~ they were full of energy & fun! Dressed in bright colors we braved the chilly weather ~ by taking lots of breaks and choosing a mix of indoors and outdoors spots for our photos. I loved their pretty door with the red berry wreath and bushes and branches in their garden gave their portraits a natural look. I enjoyed bringing out the best in each child and then photographing them all together with their two pet dogs. And here are some sneak peeks from our midwinter session:

I had the good fortune to photograph this beautiful family over the holidays. We chose a painted wall in their dining room with great light to focus on what’s important – the joy in their faces and being together. We also used a beautiful blue door as a background for the children’s smiles. I love black and white photos, but I also like color when there is something special about the color. So I show two photos here – one family photo in b&w and the children in color – two different ways to view and display your family’s photos. As this is the last day of 2009 ~  I wish all of you a Happy New Year and look forward to 2010!

Handsome Senior

I enjoyed photographing this handsome senior with a beautiful smile. His mother wanted me to photograph him in the garden for natural style photos ~ to complement his school senior photos. We picked the late afternoon for great light and even in midwinter, the garden looked lovely. Thank you for a fun afternoon and here are some sneak peeks from our photo session.

A Beautiful Family

I had the pleasure and honor of photographing this beautiful family earlier this week. Mom and I have become good friends this past year, and our children enjoy being together. I loved this park – lots of stone walls, a gazebo and places for the children to run and climb. The morning brought fog, but by the time we photographed in the afternoon, the fog had lifted and there was a soft glow all around ~ very flattering for portraits. Thank you for a fun afternoon and for the chance to photograph your lovely family. And here are some sneak peeks from our afternoon in the park.

Uptown Family Fun

I photographed this sweet family this past weekend in in an Uptown (Charlotte) park ~ early morning light is great for family portraits, especially when the children get up so early. And what a beautiful morning it was. Soft light warming up freshly fallen leaves, a crispness in the air and discoveries around every corner. Here are some sneak peeks from our morning in the park… can’t wait to show the rest of them!

Adorable Siblings

I got to spend a morning with these adorable little ones. Crystal blue eyes, pink cheeks and sweet smiles. Their home had beautiful light streaming in the windows, so we started in the dining room and then went outside to be in the warm sunlight.  Their demeanor was so sweet and gentle and I had a lot of fun with them and their mom. Thank you for a really great morning! And here are some sneak peeks from our photo session ~